Demand for summer rotation from farmers

Demand for summer rotation from farmers

NASHIK: It is planned to supply water to the crops in 2021-22 from reservoirs, rivers and canals of 9 small and 23 small projects dams in Nashik left and right bank canal benefit area under the jurisdiction of Nashik Irrigation Department. Water will be supplied for the summer season by canals.

Accordingly, Nashik Irrigation Engineer Sagar Shinde has appealed to the beneficiary farmers and stake holding institutions to submit their applications to the nearest Irrigation Branch Office during office hours till March 10.

Beneficiary areas like Nashik Left Coast Canal, Godavari Right, Godavari Left Coast Canal, Alandi Left and Right canal, Palakhed Right and left canal also from reservoirs of Valdevi, Mukne, Bhavli, Darna, Waki, Bham, Gangapur, Kadwa, Gautami, Godavari, Kashyapi and Alandi dams. Also Kadwa, Darna, part of Godavari river and water from Godavari river will be supplied.

Considering the available water supply, it is planned to provide water for all types of perennial crops with water supply for Rabbi season 2021- 22 protected irrigation in Sample No. 7 category up to a certain area. The water available for agriculture has to be supplied intermittently at intervals.

Therefore, in case of crop damage due to unavoidable reasons as well as the inadequacy of summer clearance area, the farmers should immediately rectify the situation through public participation under Maharashtra Irrigation Act. In case of crop damage due to non-availability of water, the responsibility will not be borne by the Water Resources Department.

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