Demand for shelter sheds at Mhasrul

Demand for shelter sheds at Mhasrul


The citizens and the commuters in the area of Mhasrul village have demanded that shelter sheds be constructed for the commuters on both sides of the road in front of Mhasrul village on Dindori Road.

Hundreds of commuters from Mhasrul village and surrounding areas travel to and fro Dindori and Nashik daily.

At present, all these passengers take shelter under a tree as there is no shelter shed facility. At the same time, as there is no official bus stop, the commuters have to chase the bus for some distance to catch it. This largely causes inconvenience to senior citizens and small children.

Many times, the passengers have to wait for a long time due to a delay in bus arrival. If shelter sheds are constructed, it will be convenient, especially for senior citizens, women and children.

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