Deep Festival in the sky during Diwali

Deep Festival in the sky during Diwali


This year, the partial solar eclipse will be visible during Diwali today, on Tuesday, October 25 in the evening at sunset. Srinivas Aundhkar, Director of MGM APJ Abdul Kalam Astrospace Science Centre and Club  said that along with the illumination of the festival of lights on the earth on the occasion of Diwali, the beautiful illumination of the solar eclipse will also be seen in the sky.

Giving more information about this, Aundhkar said that the total solar eclipse will be visible on Ashwin Amavasya today, which will be visible from the western and central parts of Asia including India, the whole of Europe and parts of Africa. This solar eclipse is the ecliptic cycle (saros) number 124.

If you look at the times of the cities in Marathwada, the solar eclipse will be touched at 4-50 pm from Aurangabad. When the eclipse will take place between 5-42 PM, the Moon will cover 36 percent of the Sun. This beautiful sight can be seen at sunset in the western sky. Later in the evening just before the eclipse.  Sunset will be at 6-09 pm. The sunset will be seen in the eclipse itself.  In all the districts of Maharashtra, the sunset will be visible during the eclipse.  But for astronomers and amateur photographers, it will be a treat. This solar eclipse will be visible from different places in Marathwada at different times.

The eclipse percentage will be lowest at Osmanabad at 33 percent and highest at Jalna at 37 percent. Solar eclipse should not be seen with naked eyes. Eye damage if seen. A solar eclipse should be seen through eclipse glasses or by taking an image of the sun through a sieve on paper and looking at it.

14 days after this solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse on Tuesday, November 8 will also be visible from India. On that day, the moon will be seen rising in the eclipse itself.  Although there is a solar eclipse in Diwali this year, there is no festival on the solar eclipse day on Tuesday, October 25.  Due to this, there will be a chance to see the solar eclipse. After two years of Corona crisis, this Diwali festival is going to be celebrated with great enthusiasm on earth and in the sky. There will be no opportunity to see a solar eclipse for the next ten years.

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