Decongestion plan will make Dwarka free of traffic jams

Decongestion plan will make Dwarka free of traffic jams

NASHIK: The administration needs to make an effort to solve the problem of traffic congestion at Dwarka Chowk, which is considered the gateway of Nashik city. But this problem has remained unresolved for the past several years. At this heavy-traffic point, the municipal corporation should conduct a special anti-encroachment campaign, similarly, the traffic congestion at Dwarka Chowk should be reduced with the decongestion plan and the travellers and pilgrims coming from all over the country should get smooth access to go to the holy Ganga Ghat.

The underpass is not in use. But since it is not being used, there is a demand that this underpass should be opened for two-wheelers. The underpass in Dwarka is spacious and if the municipal administration creates a municipal market in the subway like CBS, the unemployed will also get employment and the municipal body will get revenue.

Plans have been made several times to reduce the regular traffic jams at Dwarka square, the gateway to the city of Nashik, but none of these plans seems to have succeeded.

About 16 major and minor routes pass through this place. But due to lack of planning, there is a traffic jam in this main square from morning to evening. In the evening, motorists take half an hour to cross the square. For the past several years, Dwarka Chowk has been stuck in traffic jams, and the question remains: when will this square breathe freely?

Despite various experiments, planning and changes, the congestion has not been resolved. As encroachment and unruly traffic in the square are not stopped, the traffic congestion is increasing. Police, NMC and highway authority (NHAI) need to pay serious attention to it.

A total of nine roads connecting Sarada Circle, Mumbai Naka, Nashik Road, Panchavati, and Adgaon meet at Dwarka square. Except for the nighttime, there is a constant traffic jam here throughout the day. Interestingly, the signal system at the intersection is not functioning regularly, which adds to the problem of congestion. The number of traffic police in the square is also currently insufficient.

This intersection has a high number of vehicles coming from all directions. There is also congestion as large vehicles going to Nashik Road, the main city and suburbs descend at Dwarka intersection from the Nashik-Mumbai flyover.

In the last two years, unauthorized religious places were removed to avoid the problem here. The police conducted the U-turn experiment. Encroachment action was taken. The warning was given to autorickshaws and private vehicle drivers. But again the situation is as it was. Due to the congestion in the main square of the city and the fact that no concrete steps are being taken by the administration despite repeatedly taking a stand against it, the motorists are expressing their anger.

To solve all these issues, an underpass has been constructed at this place. But as it is not being used, the question arises that what was achieved by building it. There are four ways to go to and from this subway. One is near Dwarka Hotel, one near Dwarka police, one at the corner of the road leading to Bagwanpura and one at the corner of Pakhal Road connecting from Nashik Road. But as the road is not being used, this road is also becoming inconvenient now.

Therefore, citizens are demanding that a way for two-wheelers should be made through the underpass and if this is not possible, then at least the entrance of the subway should be made flat, this will create more space for passing vehicles and help reduce the congestion.

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