Declare Brahmagiri eco-sensitive zone: Rajendra Singh

Immediate action for protection demanded
Declare Brahmagiri eco-sensitive zone: Rajendra Singh

NASHIK: Only boundaries are expected to be declared for declaring the area eco-sensitive to preserve the beauty and biodiversity of Trimbakeshwar’s Brahmagiri mountain. Proceedings have been started for this and its plan has been sent to Nagpur for approval on behalf of the Forest Department. However, this work needs to be done as soon as possible, said water expert Rajend Singh. He also announced after completion of this work, he will hold a National Environment Conference in Nashik.

He told reporters at the district collector’s office on Friday, that the Brahmagiri mountain is the source of the Godavari river. Not only Nashik, Maharashtra but also Karnataka, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh. So the demand to reserve this area as a sensitive area began and it needs to happen.

Efforts have been started by the district administration for this. While there is a need to focus on what needs to be saved, it is not suitable to convert a pilgrimage site into a tourist destination for financial gain. Where the Godavari originates. It is important to ensure that the river is not polluted from there. The District Collector has suspended some employees in the illegal mining case. Therefore, Rajendrasing also appreciated the work done by the district collector.

The sewage disposal centres set up by the Municipal Corporation for treatment of sewage mixed in the Godavari river have remained the same year after year. Therefore, it has been noticed that this water is released directly into the river basin. It is important to consider whether this water can be properly processed and used for agriculture.

For this, new changes are required in the sewage treatment plant. At the same time, if the Commissioner of Police is taking some steps to stop Godavari pollution, then there is no problem in allowing him to take action. However, Rajendrasinh also clarified that if an officer wants to do something on his own, he should be given a chance.

Municipal officer absent

Rajendra Singh inquired about the pollution of Brahmagiri and Goda in the Collectorate. However, Rajendrasinh expressed regret over the absence of officials of Nashik Municipal Corporation and Trimbakeshwar Municipality, who are required to be involved.

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