Decks cleared for NMC's new east division office

Decks cleared for NMC's new east division office

NASHIK: The existing east divisional office of the Nashik Municipal Corporation at Main Road, which is a historical and old structure, has come into a very dangerous and dilapidated condition. Due to this, some departments have already been shifted to the West division office. But now this building is in a very dangerous condition.

Therefore, this office will be immediately shifted to B D Bhalekar School in Shalimar. Meanwhile, due to the need for a large amount of work in the school as well.

The municipal construction department had expressed a preliminary estimate that the expenditure would be about one crore rupees and a proposal had also been prepared for the same. But the auditors found some loopholes in it. It has been informed that they have been removed and now the way has been cleared to move the office after repairing the school building.

Located in the central part of the city. The East Division office of the Municipal Corporation will be shifted to the premises of Bhalekar School. The correction file was sent to the Finance Department of the municipal corporation. They found some errors which have been rectified by the concerned departments including the Construction Department. Next week, the file will go to the Municipal Commissioner’s table and after that, the way to shift the office to the school premises will become easier.

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