Decision on the pay scale of teachers soon

Decision on the pay scale of teachers soon

NASHIK: The office has received 628 proposals for senior and select pay scale of teachers and 522 proposals have been approved. 106 proposals are pending due to lack of training. The same proposals will be approved with a guarantee from the concerned teachers. Correspondence has been sent to the senior level for this. A settlement will be reached soon. No teacher will be deprived of the eligible salary grade. Presented by Vaishali Zankar.

She was speaking at a joint meeting of Nashik District Secondary and Higher Secondary School Headmasters Association and Secondary Education Officer Education Department. Office Superintendent of Secondary Education Sudhir Pagar, Deputy Education Officer V. R. Bagul, Superintendent of Pay Squad Uday Deore, U S Pingalkar, Sitaram Hagwane and others were present.

The meeting discussed various issues in detail. Headmaster, Deputy Principal, Supervisor are approved for promotion. In many places, cases of seniority and institutional disputes are pending. The Education Department said that there will be no further delay in this matter due to stormy discussions on this issue. Also, regular bills for May and June will be sanctioned till July 15, informed Pay Squad Superintendent Deore.

At the Sahavichar Sabha, the headmaster’s association president SK Sawant, Secretary S B Deshmukh, Gufran Ansari, Purushottam Rakibe, Parveja Sheikh, Ashok Kadam, B D Gangurde, President of the Secondary Teachers Association Mohan Chakor and others were present.

"The team demanded to give benefits to the teaching staff of the 12-year promotion assurance progress scheme, as well as to immediately approve the proposal for the sanctioned post as per the set approval of the year 2018-19. It is recommended to take legal action against some of the disputed organizations and appoint an administrator. The question of each component will be sorted out," said Education Officer Dr Zankar.

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