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There are millions of creative people around the world. In today’s era, everyone is under stress. But still, some people have good creativity or talent to avoid stress. They indulge in some creative things that helps elevate stress. While on one hand mobile phones, social media, print media, radio, Youtube, etc; if used creatively can give one a window of relief.

In Nashik city, there are some who are spreading positivity by doing creative work in different fields. They look to lofe positively positivity and work creatively. Deshdoot Times talks to some Nashikkites to know their views on how they work with creativity to help deal with stress.

“Creativity is not only a productive skill or ability but an antidote to stress. There is a thin line between being creative to be productive at your work and harnessing the creative faculty of the mind to destress. You might hit a creative block if you try to force yourself just for the heck of meeting a deadline. In recent times where work-life balance is a thing of the past, I try to hit the basics right. Talking time out to meditate, dance, surround myself with nature and consciously disengage from screens and mobile phones for a few hours a week. It might sound cliche, but if you explore our sacred scriptures and study the principles of mind, you’ll observe that all great invention and innovation are a consequence of stillness and solitude. Meditation is the most effective tool and gateway to creativity, especially in today’s work-life balance culture”, says Sunny Thakur (Brand strategist, Digital consultant & Content creator).

Durwakshi Patil, a classical dancer said, "Dance is said to be a language of the soul, a medium of expression. And a better way to deal stress, is to express. Whenever I feel low, stressed or exhausted, I just dance it out without suppressing it within. I take all the emotions out as and when needed to keep my mind fresh for new ideas to pop in. I ofcourse express my happiness through dance too. Dance is my way to communicate, which helps me grow more and more creatively".

Another way to deal with stress is to talk it out to some one you trust and if that person recognizes your cretivity, it is all the more better. My friends, family and especially my gurus, Rekhatai Nadgauda and Adititai Panse, keep encouraging me by keeping my energy level high and pushing me to excellence. They are the ones always pulling me out of any stressful zones", Durvakshi adds.

Artist Sunil Dhopavkar feels that if you are focusing on negativity or negative happenings around you, it can kill the creative mind. Being a commercial artist, I have to work creatively daily. At such times self discpline helps me. We should look at positive things we can do instead of worrying". He adds regular practice ofcourse helps bring out the creative best.

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