Dead Leaf Mantis - Wonder of Nature

Dead Leaf Mantis - Wonder of Nature

NASHIK: Nature always shows us its unique and incredible forms in life, which sometimes makes us speechless by its incredibleness. Mother Nature has created different types of species with different characteristics. The Characteristics which helps them for their survival. ‘Dead Leaf Mantis’ is one of a kind species in insect kingdom. The species is found in hilly region of Igatpuri tehsil. These kinds are commonly found but hard to spot due to their camouflage.

Appearance of dead leaf mantis is as unique as its name. Its praying mantis species with brown colour shades sometimes has dark and light spots to mimic a dead leaf. On their back, they have a huge shield (prothorax). They are beautifully camouflaged with that shield.

Females are found to be about 9cm in long and males are comparatively bit smaller around 7-8cm. The shield of female is bigger than that of male and male’s body is also slimmer than female. Males have wings that extend almost one centimeter past the abdomen, while females have that reach just up to the abdomen.

As the environmental conditions at Igatpuri and its nearby region are ideal conditions for praying mentis, which has temperature around 26°C to about 35°C. At night they can bare a temperature about 18°C. The specie likes slightly higher humidity about 50 to 80 percent. These mentis other than the natural threats face manmade threats like fire, sometimes people catch this insect to keep them as a pet.

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