Damini app to track storms and lightning

Damini app to track storms and lightning

NASHIK: To prevent any loss of life during the pre-monsoon showers in Nashik District, farmers and citizens of the district will now be able to track storms and lightning by downloading the Damini app. Therefore, the app will aid in alerting the citizens and saving their life. Even though the app was launched last year by the Indian Meteorological Department’s Pune Division, the district administration is ensuring installation of this app on the mobile phone of every citizen in the district this year.

The app was developed last year to track and understand the pattern of lightning accompanied by rains. Every year, many people lose their lives after being stuck with lightning. The financial compensation isn’t enough to fill the gap of the lost loved one. Therefore, to prevent loss of life and help citizens track thunderstorms and lightning live, the department worked endlessly and launched this app.

The sensor sends a warning half an hour before the lightning strikes. The network has sensors connected to the Central Processing Unit at IITM. Therefore, citizens will get live updates and accurate forecasts of thunderstorms and lightning strikes while at home.

The app will also aid in preventing the loss of various materialistic items by alerting the masses half an hour ago. As soon as the user will update the location on the app, the app will provide all the updates regarding lightning, strong winds, and rains. Last year, the administration couldn’t emphasise its usage during the pandemic wreaking havoc in everyone’s lives. This year, however, the administration wishes to spread the app in every village in the district.

No loss of life

All government officers, Asha workers, Talathi Mandal officers, Sarpanchs, Police heads, Anganwadi workers, Rishi Sevak, Arogya Sevak, data entry operators and other officials will be asked to download this app immediately. Government officials and employees of each village will aware villagers of the app and issue warnings based on the app’s prediction. As stated by Shrikrishna Despande, manager of the disaster management department, the department is putting in efforts to prevent loss of life and has started the preparations already.

Needs updates

‘Damini App’ for protection from lightning is a good initiative by ESSO- Earth System Science Organization, Hyderabad and IITM - Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune. However, to get lightning alerts on the graphical map of our location, the Damini app must be on. The team needs to introduce features like auditable signals as once on the field; not everyone carries their phone in hand throughout. Also, using mobile in a potential lightning strike area can be harmful. Therefore, the app needs to create automated audio updates to prevent the user from using the phone in the field.

- Shrinivas Aundhkar, Director, MGM APJ Abdul Kalam Astrospace Science Centre and Club, Aurangabad

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