Cyclone Tauktae: District administration sounds alert

Torrential to very heavy rains likely today and tomorrow affecting Nashik district
Cyclone Tauktae: District administration sounds alert

Nashik : Ahead of Cyclone Tauktae in the Arabian Sea, the District administration has sounded alert for citizens for the next two days.

“All citizens are warned that, according to information received from Regional Meteorological Department, Mumbai, cyclone in the Arabian Sea is likely to cause thundershowers and lightning in Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri districts. It is also likely to be stormy during this period.”

“Today and tomorrow (16th and 17th May), torrential to very heavy rains are expected in some places. In that connection, the possibility of this affecting Nashik district and coastal areas of Gujarat cannot be ruled out,” warned Suraj Mandhare, District Collector and Chairman, District Disaster Management Authority, Nashik on Saturday.

On this backdrop, the citizens need to take the necessary precautions. The meteorological department has forecast strong winds of 50 to 70 kmph on the coast of Maharashtra and Goa today (May 16) due to the effects of Cyclone Tauktae in the Arabian Sea. It has also forecast strong winds of 50 to 60 kmph on the coast of Maharashtra and Goa tomorrow, on May 17.

Do’s and Don’ts

During lightning

  • When lightning strikes, computers, TVs, should be switched off and disconnected from sources.

  • Avoid using telephone, mobile.

  • Citizens should not leave their homes when it is lightning.

  • Take shelter in a safer place if you are out of the house.

  • Stay away from power poles.

  • Do not take a shelter under a tall tree while lightning.

  • If you are in an open area when lightning strikes, bend your head at your knees.

  • Metal objects should be kept away

During strong winds and heavy rains

  • Avoid stepping out of the house in torrential rains and strong winds. If you are in an unsafe place, take shelter in a safer place until the rain and wind stop.

  • Stay in a safe place and do not travel in case of heavy rains and strong winds.

  • Do not stand under a tree if it is lightning, don’t talk on mobile and stay away from electric objects.

  • In such cases, take shelter in a pucca house or building.

  • Weather information should be obtained from the website of Indian Meteorological Department.

  • Don’t believe in any rumours and don’t spread rumours. Confirm any such news from official sources or by contacting District Control Room on 0253-2317151 or Toll Free 1077.

  • If you live in a place where an emergency is likely to occur, you should be vigilant during the rainy season and co-operate with the administration.

  • Farmers should take special care not to damage the farm produce due to strong winds or sparse rains.

  • Keep farm produce in a safe place. Care should be taken to repair the sheds designed for pets and birds and to ensure that the metal plates of the sheds are not blown away by the wind.

  • In case of emergency, one should be aware of it and take proper precautions.

  • Avoid old dilapidated buildings, bridges etc.

  • When it is raining heavily and the wind is blowing, avoid visiting tourist places, rivers and streams.

  • Citizens should not endanger their own lives by taking selfies in case of emergency.

  • Citizens should take care of their lives and property by following the instructions given by the Meteorological Department and District Administration.

Emergency numbers

In case of any kind of emergency due to torrential rains, dial 0253-2317151 at District Control Room for help. Municipal Corporation Nashik: 0253- 2222413. Or call Toll Free 1077.

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