Cyclone aftermath

Storm damages 273 houses, mango orchard
Cyclone aftermath

NASHIK: The district has been hit hard by the impact of cyclone Tauktae damaging 273 houses apart from mango and pomegranate orchards in the district. Peth and Surgana talukas have been the worst hit. The district administration has completed the preliminary assessment of damage (panchnama) at war footing and sent report to the government immediately. Cyclone Tauktae hit the coast of Porbandar in Gujarat on the west coast after making landfall.

However, on Monday and Tuesday, the cyclone hit the state’s coastal and adjoining districts for two days in a row. Its strongest blow has hit Nashik district. The cyclone hit Peth, Surgana, Dindori and Trimbakeshwar talukas especially the western belt. Damage figures are surfacing gradually after its impact. After the cyclone intensified, houses were collapsed due to strong winds and heavy rains.

The highest number of 112 houses collapsed in Surgana taluka. This was followed by 65 houses in Peth, 56 houses in Kalvan, and 30 houses in Trimbakeshwar taluka. Also in other talukas there were incidents of houses collapsing, schools, anganwadis, community temples, primary health centers and onion sheds and roofs being blown away. Although other crops and vegetables were not severely damaged, the orchards suffered heavy losses.

Igatpuri getting back on track

On Monday, the Igatpuri tehsil of Nashik district came to stand still due to cyclone Tauktae. The cyclone ‘Tauktae’ which hit the coast of Diu on Tuesday early hours. The landfall started around 11:45 on Monday night and started its journey in Gujarat. Way before that cyclone destroyed everything which came in its way with wind speed of around 15 to 20 kmph. The cyclone left the Igatpuri tehsil with no electricity, no connectivity and destroying hundreds of houses and structures.

As this time the cyclone did not entered the Nashik district or any part of state the destruction was less compared to last years Nisarg Cyclone. The connectivity has lost throughout the tehsil. There is no electricity in most of the parts. The recovery works have been started on warfooting.

The electricity department has been a victim to the cyclone again with fall of around 50 electricity polls, loss of transformers too. The half of tehsil is still in dark. The tehsil received 38 mm of rainfall from Monday morning 8:30 till Tuesday morning. The weather conditions remained cloudy on Tuesday too with partial rainfall.

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