Cyber crooks impersonate as Army personnel

Cyber crooks impersonate as Army personnel


Online fraud cases are already on the rise and fraudsters are devising new methods and techniques to dupe people in the blink of an eye. In yet another shocking incident of cybercrime reported in the city, cyber cheats duped many citizens. Reportedly, the cheats posed as Indian Army men and tricked them on the pretext of making advance payments.

At present, in Nashik city, criminals are committing online fraud using various guises and now there has been a situation where traders have been cheated of thousands of rupees by pretending to be Army officers.

“I am an Army officer speaking. Our Colonel has come to you. We need more goods from you for the military. And the payment will be given immediately upon your arrival at the gate.” After making such a phone call to many traders in the city, a fake Army identity card is sent to the WhatsApp number of the concerned person.

Due to the respect for the Army, the person in front is trusted and then the traders take their goods to the Gandhinagar or Vadner Gate of the Army.

And then when after calling the bogus army officer, the fake officer asks for the merchant’s phone pay, or Google pay number by telling the Army rules. To win trust, the fake officer first deposits some money in it. And then the scanner is sent in trust to the merchant.

And after it is scanned, all the money in the account is withdrawn by the fake officer in front.

This is how cyber fraud is being done in Nashik. Some of them go to cybercrime and report that they have been cheated while some don’t report it because of shame.

From time to time people are informed about online frauds through media, and cybercrime cells, but still, these fraudsters are adopting some new tricks to cheat people online.

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