Crematorium: NMC to develop app for booking

Wait will be over
Crematorium: NMC to develop app for booking

Nashik: Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has decided to develop an app to address crematorium related issues. People after reaching the crematorium get information that they would have to wait for performing funeral rites on their dear ones.

The status of beds in the crematorium and other related information will be available on this app. In addition, a time slot can also be booked on this app in advance.

The number of Covid-19 patients is increasing in Nashik city. In addition, the fatality rate has also been increased. There have been orders to perform final rites on dead Covid-19 patients in electricity or diesel crematorium.

However, Covid-19 related deaths have been reported on a large scale. Considering waiting at the crematoriums in the city, NMC approved to perform the final rites in a traditional way using firewood.

The city has a total of 17 crematoriums. They have 70 beds. Though the number of deaths has been lowered in the past few days, 40-50 deaths are reporting daily.

People are giving priority to perform final rites on their dear ones in the crematorium at Nashik and Panchavati. If people have decided to perform final rites at another crematorium, they do not have much information.

On the backdrop of this, Municipal Commissioner Kailas Jadhav has ordered to develop an app. This app will have every updated information about crematoriums in the city, availability of beds in the crematoriums, their registrations, family members of those dead can make registration to do final rites on the mobile app. It is necessary to make registration of death certificate for this, NMC sources informed.

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