Craze of pre-wedding photoshoots increasing in Nashik
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Craze of pre-wedding photoshoots increasing in Nashik

Nikheel Pardeshi

Gokul Pawar
NASHIK: The wedding season has begun and pre-wedding shoot craze is increasing in the youth to preserve the memories of the marriage. Pre-wedding shoots have grown in high demand in the past few years. Various places in the Nashik city are being preferred for this.

Many couples feel that photographers are also suggestive that the photoshoots to be shot at a random location. Even in Nashik, there are some very interesting locations for pre-wedding shoots, where couples can capture memories in the camera.

In today’s hustle world the newlyweds do not get much time for photographs in the wedding rush. Therefore, instead of after marriage, most couples met before the wedding date and arrange for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Many couples are opting for such ‘pre-wedding’ photoshoots in the city itself. The Deshdoot with recent trends tried to figure out the pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Nashik.

Gangapur Dam
The best photography can be done at the Gangapur Dam which supplies water to the city of Nashik. The locations at the Dam for photos are very good. The Ganagpur Dam has a beautiful backwater area and is very picturesque scenery. Moreover, the atmosphere is calm and the surrounding greenery makes your photo more popped up.

Tapovan area is famous as a religious place as well as a tourist destination. This tourist destination has a large number of tourists coming to Kapila-Godavari. A quick view of the sunset is also a good option for a photo shoot. There are several locations where one can get very good clicks.

Bapu Bridge/Godapark
The place famous among youngsters locally called as Bapu Bridge. The Godapark is just starts from the location. Both the locations Godapark and Bapu Bridge are perfect if you want a background of a river of a garden area. Here you will find various frames and angles for your photos. The only issue with the location is the crowd all day. So it would be better if you go early in the morning and shoot.

Trirashmi Leni/Pandav Leni
There are Buddhist caves dating back to 19th century BC. This place has ancient caves as well as a Buddha Bihar and a Stupa in it which is a quiet place for photography. Several photo shoots have already been done here and the place gives best background any one cans seek for their photos. Couples see it as a best option for a pre-wedding shoot. The location here is good for shooting in traditional avatar.

The ancient temple Someshwar at the river bank of Godavari and the beautiful falls here are very unique are in this area. The place has a boating facility which can provide a very beautiful texture in the background. The river water is always there in the area due to retention dams. The place is best for pre-wedding shoot. Being close to the city it also save time and money.

Sula Vineyards
Nashik is identified as Wine Capital of India and the ‘Sula Wines’ is the most famous brand of wine from Nashik. The vineyards have beautiful grape farms. The winery her provide a very good garden for the visitors. The visitors’ gallery at the restaurant gives a very good view of the grape farms. It is also youth’s favorite destination for photo shoots. This place is only 10 minutes drive from Someshwar.