CR gears up with monsoon preparations

CR gears up with monsoon preparations

NASHIK: The General Manager of Central Railways Alok Kansal reviewed the monsoon preparation works through a virtual meeting recently. He instructed the officials to check drawings for arrangement over the joint to prevent ingress of water in connection with ‘Augmentation of the waterway of the existing bridge by insertion of new RCC boxes’.

Also, several inductions have been given regarding inspection of Cuttings, Tunnels, Catch water drains and other monsoon-related items. Waterproof motors in the floodprone area have been provided. Water proofing of terminal blocks, sealing of commutator chamber, gearbox and coil drum and modification in gearbox assembly are being carried out and completed by May 2021.

Ensuring the maintenance of Crossovers, Turnouts, Masts, Cantilevers for smooth operations of trains by operating power blocks. The Live Line Checking by Tower Wagon and Foot Patrolling of sections is being carried out to ensure the healthiness of OHE gears for the smooth running of trains. The work being carried out are rusty portal booms removal, checking and maintaining critical clearance under ROB or FOB in entire.

Checking of standby supply DG sets, working of its AMF panel and emergency circuits, trimming of tree branches in the vicinity of electrical assets, outdoor panels, overhead lines, checking of cables and bus bar connections by temperature gun and cleaning with hot blower, overhauling and breakdown attention of pumps at various locations.

Ghat section

The General Manager, CR Kansal shared his suggestions for taking various measures at vulnerable locations in the ghats. This includes Canadian fencing at certain locations to retain the cutting in southeast ghat, prevention of boulder falling through wire net and steel beams, raising of drain wall to prevent excess water from flowing on tracks.

The works are in progress. It is also planned to provide epoxy grouting of the lined portion of the tunnel and steel arch ribs supported on the concrete wall up to springing level for the unlined portion of the tunnel and work will start soon. Provision of dynamic rock fall barriers with secure drapery of geo composite steel grid or mesh and other protective work is in progress, informed officials from Central Railway.


Quick Reaction Team and Flood Rescue Team of Railway Protection Force have undergone training by NDRF. Five mechanized rescue boats have been placed strategically for any eventuality. Drone monitoring by the RPF staff for timely inputs to the control office.

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