CP’s ultimatum for loudspeakers

CP’s ultimatum for loudspeakers

NASHIK: Commissioner of Police (CP) has issued a circular stating that all religious establishments in the Nashik Police Commissionerate will have to get permission from the Commissioner of Police to use loudspeakers.

A circular has been issued by the Commissioner of Police, Deepak Pandey, stating that every mosque, temple, gurdwara, church and other religious places within the limits of Nashik City Police Commissionerate should use loudspeakers only after receiving written approval from the Commissioner of Police.

The ordinance states that MNS does not have the right to recite Hanuman Chalisa in front of the mosque but only to create a social rift. It is forbidden to broadcast songs or use loudspeakers. Anyone who wants permission to use loudspeakers has been given permission till May 3. Failure to comply with the order will result in legal action against them, which carries a jail of four months to one year.

Noise limit for a sound transmitter will be as follows:

  • In industrial area, 70 decibels at night and 75 decibels during the day.

  • Commercial and commercial areas 55 decibels at night, 65 decibels during the day.

  • In residential area, 45 decibels at night and 55 decibels at day.

  • In silent zones, 40 decibels at night and 50 decibels during the day.

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