CP boosts the morale of special police officers

CP boosts the morale of special police officers

NASHIK: Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey said that special police officers should take strict action against those who walk without any reason only with the permission of the police officers who are with them. He was speaking on the occasion of a goodwill visit organized at Mauli Lawns to encourage special police officers in New Nashik.

Currently, the strict lockdown is underway due to the second wave of Covid-19. In such a situation, some people are found roaming on the streets for no reason. Police are beating them up. The campaign is being carried out across the city by the police administration to reduce the Covid-19 spread.

Similarly, ordinary citizens are seen working shoulder to shoulder with the police as special police officers and performing their duties without any compensation. To boost their morale, the Commissioner of Police interacted with special police officers at Mauli Lawns.

All the Assistant Commissioners of Police need to take it seriously how a visitor comes to their office in case there is a lockdown in Nashik, Pandey said. Deputy Commissioner of Police Pournima Choughule, Vijay Kharat, Amol Tambe, and other officials were present.

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