Covid-19 vaccination centres

Covid-19 vaccination centres

Advice by doctors

NASHIK: Doctors give their say in some commonly asked questions about the vaccine.

Is there fever, a feeling of giddiness after vaccination? It is not that all patients suffer from fever and feeling of giddiness. So far, 60,000 people have been vaccinated, and very few have suffered from minor health issues. So do not fear about this.

Are antibiotic tablets need to be taken before vaccination? The vaccine is given to increase immunity against Coronavirus. Do not take any tablets before vaccination after advice by anyone.

Can an alcoholic take the vaccine? As immunity gets weak after alcohol consumption, people should avoid taking alcohol during vaccination, opined some doctors.

Does one suffer more pain if the vaccine is taken on Amavasya or Pournima? There is no connection between any vaccination and tithi. There is not any effect on those taking vaccine on Amavasya or Pournima.

Precautions for comorbid patients

Diabetic and those patients with high blood pressure and heart ailments need to take care of themselves.

Do not take different medicines before vaccination.

Stay there for 10-15 minutes after vaccination.

Inform doctors in case of any pain.

After vaccination, take those medicines prescribed by doctors regularly.

Do not stop taking any medicines without doctor’s advice.

Registration mandatory

Beneficiaries have to make registration on CoWIN portal.

Identity card, having date of birth, is a must as age proof.

Information will be uploaded in app after verification of age.

Beneficiaries will get information about nearby vaccination centres after verification of age on CoWIN portal.

Beneficiary has the freedom to select centre and time to get vaccine.

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