Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Covid-19 made district go digital

(Article by Yudish Dubey)

NASHIK: Covid-19 got everyone locked up in their houses to stay safe. As a result, people learned to do most work by staying home, and technology made it possible. It connected people via the internet all across the world. Work from home, online classes, shopping, and selling, all these methods created a new trend while lockdown was imposed all across India. Even Nashikities opted for online platforms to ease up their work. Deshdoot Times reached out to people of different ages, status, and areas to know how the transformation to an online platform appeared to them.

Easy Transactions: Soman Lad (Age 19), a college student, stated his classes are being held online since Covid-19. He doesn’t have to visit the bank to transfer any money as he can do any fund transfer using his cell phone. The online platform made his work easier. He orders food and groceries online. However, the only thing that worries him about digitising is the misuse of data or account hacking. Online frauds are becoming very common as well. He further mentioned that technology is good for the long run, but the concerned authorities need to put equal efforts to make these online platforms safe.

Payments shifted online: Sandip Chordiya (Age 52 years), a store owner, stated he had to opt for online services after Covid-19 as he had no other option to keep his business going. He mentioned that his kids are getting their education online, and the mode can’t be altered till in-person teaching resumes. Mr. Chordiya prefers using online platforms when it comes to work because 9 out of 10 customers pay using online payment methods.

Luddite (dislike technology): Prathamesh Darunkar, a 72-year-old grocery store owner on being asked if he prefers online platforms post-Covid stated he doesn’t prefer online platforms as he doesn’t know how to use a phone and that could make him an easy target for scammers. He prefers to keep all his transactions in cash. He further added that he can’t use an online platform without someone’s assistance.

Financial crunch: Vaishali Kakde, a maid with two young daughters, said it was a struggle for her to arrange money for a smartphone and can barely afford internet plans. She doesn’t find online platforms trustworthy as she isn’t educated enough to use them. She further mentioned Covid-19 or not; she would be using cash for any future transactions.

Post lockdown, many people have switched to online platforms, and there are even people who couldn’t due to various reasons. Age, affordability, trust and many other barriers prevent people from shifting online. However, with time, people would gradually start adapting to the online world as it’s the new normal.

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