Courts should not be closed again: Adv Bhide

Adhere to Covid-19 rules to keep them running
Courts should not be closed again: Adv Bhide

NASHIK: In his appeal, the senior advocate Avinash Bhide has said that like every sector the advocates too have suffered due to Covid-19 crisis. The courts should not be closed again as advocates are facing financial crisis. He has also requested to all the advocates to adhere to the Covid-19 norms.

“About 650 lawyers have died so far in the epidemic. Now the court has started functioning at full capacity. The courts should continue to function like this and should not be closed again”, Senior lawyer Adv Avinash Bhide has appealed that. He also said that the lawyers should take care of themselves, especially junior lawyers. They should follow all the Covid-19 rules.

“Everyone should wear a double mask, not call unnecessary parties or people in court, advocates should work with each other to get things done quickly, take both doses of vaccine and keep court premises clean, lawyer should not seat and chat it the bar room without any reason,” the statement said.

Lawyers should avoid to call the parties or sit there discussing with them. If they have any doubt about their health, they should stay at home, till they feel better Don’t come to court and make your health worse. Go home early after work and don’t linger in the courtroom or bar room.

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