Court permits to release rescued animals

Marine, wildlife smuggling case
Court permits to release rescued animals

NASHIK: The wildlife and marine life rescued in the raid in the city’s wildlife smuggling case will soon breathe natural air. The District Sessions Court, in response to the Forest Department’s request, allowed the wildlife and marine life to be released into the natural habitat.

However, the court has earlier ordered to prepare a fitness certificate after conducting a health check of the concerned wildlife. A team of Nashik West Forest Department had raided the aquarium in Dwarka area, 15 days ago and stopped the smuggling of rare wildlife. The forest department arrested three suspects in a search operation after finding more than five endangered species of wildlife and marine life, in the operation.

Forest department also started investigation of other pet shops and rescued wildlife from various customers which are banned for sale and keeping. The forest department on the trail of smugglers have rescued about 61 rare wildlife species. These include exotic parrot turtles as well as wildlife such as hedgehogs.

They are being taken care by the Eco Eco Foundation under the guidance of Wildlife Veterinary Officers. They are also being given the necessary diet. Special heaters are provided to control the room temperature. Meanwhile, after the Forest Department’s hospitality, the wildlife is getting ready to breathe freely in the natural habitat.

About 15,000 have been spent on wildlife diets so far. All the wildlife has been strengthened and preparations are underway to release them. Range Forest Officer Vivek Bhadane and Honorary Wildlife Guardian Vaibhav Bhogle clarified that wildlife will be released in the natural habitat only after health check. The Forest Department has received information about customers who have purchased wildlife from Pet Shop.

Based on that, raids will be carried out at the homes of the concerned consumers and if wildlife is found, action will be taken against the concerned under the Wildlife Act-1927. Against this backdrop, Deputy Conservator of Forests Pankaj Garg has appealed to the wildlife citizens to immediately contact the forest department and hand over the wildlife.

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