Court hearing on Nov 10

Bosch workers issue
Court hearing on Nov 10

NASHIK: The Bosch management said in a meeting at the Deputy Commissioner of Labor’s office that 730 workers had not been laid off and that additional manpower had been given a break due to reduced demand for the product. The hearing of the case in the same will be on November 10, and a meeting has been organised on November 11 to re-discuss the issue, informed deputy labour commissioner Vikas Mali.

The workers of Bosch had rushed to the labor court after the company management gave them a break, next hearing will be held on November 10. In the presence of Deputy Commissioner of Development Vikas Mali and Assistant Commissioner Sharwari Pote in the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Labor on Saturday, the Labor representatives, along with General Manager of Personnel Shrikant Chavan, and Manager Jatin Sule, had a discussion.

It is understood that the management explained that the production process has come down to 40 per cent and these workers have been given a break as there is no work for the permanent workers. The workers were not fired. Deputy Commissioner Mali has instructed the company management to discuss the issue in a meeting on November 11.

Some workers were retained in phases at the time of the 2017 contract after Bosch Permanent Workers 2014. In 2020, 220 people were retained. However, giving a break to 730 of these workers has created a new challenge.

The BS-6 system was started by shutting down the BS-4 in the engine of vehicles. In it, Bosch was making common rail injectors for BS-4. Demand for this dropped after the introduction of BS-6. As a result, the new product is being tested. Meanwhile, it is being said that the workers have been given a break given the reduced workload.

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