Counselling session for helmetless riders

Flying squads to be deployed
Counselling session for helmetless riders

NASHIK: Flying squads will be deployed at various places in the city to implement helmet rule. It will provide two hours of counselling to citizens riding bikes without helmets, informed by City Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Sitaram Gaikwad. Despite the No Helmet, No Petrol campaign, nine people have lost their lives in accidents in August. Police Commissioner Deepak Pandey has come up with a new strategy for citizens to use helmets as they are only wearing it at the time of filling up of petrol.

Meanwhile, flying squads will be deployed at various places in the city. Citizens who do not wear helmets will be caught by them. The violators’ bike will be seized and escorted them from a police vehicle at the police counselling center at Nashik First, Mumbai where they will be provided a two-hour counselling. They will be released after receiving a certificate of completion of counseling.

The sessions will have a wider perspective and include many topics instead of just a lecture on the importance of wearing helmets. However, if a person is found on a two-wheeler without a helmet, he will be fined, clarified joint CP Gaikwad. Earlier, at the initiative of City Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey the ‘No Helmet, No Petrol’ rule was came into force in Nashik from August 15.

Accordingly, police personnel have been deployed at every petrol pump. However in the meantime it was noticed that the riders were using tricks to evade from wearing helmet and thereby filling the petrol which is a violation of the rule. The BJP had also demanded withdrawal of the decision terming it inconvenience to daily travellers who travel short distance at many intervals in a day. Accordingly, the police found a midway to make the rule more practical and effective.

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