Corona widows to get property, inheritance rights: Dr Gorhe

Corona widows to get property, inheritance rights: Dr Gorhe

NASHIK: The pandemic period was definitely bad. Many families were devastated. Many were deprived of guardianship. The work of Nashik district administration is good in rehabilitating such families.

“Under the direction of the District Collector, Covid-19 widows will get property rights,” thus said Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Council, Dr Neelam Gorhe in Trimbakeshwar.

Deputy Speaker Dr Gorhe further said, “I have brought a list of homeless children and families eligible for assistance and will be followed up. Nashik District Collector has done a good job of rehabilitating those who lost their support in the pandemic. In particular, the District Collector had directed that the Covid widows should get property rights. So many got support,” he said.

The state and central government have launched some schemes for children who have lost their parents in Corona. So now the situation seems to be improving. But it is equally important for society to stand behind these families who have lost their support.

“Efforts are also being made through district help centre, women’s economic development corporation, various banks to help the heirs of the family who lost their guardian. They will be assisted by handing over documents for further business, providing grants, providing loans to them and providing market materials to them,” Dr Gorhe said.

Family bond with Trimbak, Nashik, Chandwad

Nashik is the city of our ancestors. Our ancestors lived in Chandwad seven to eight generations ago. After that, they were in Trimbakeshwar for some time. Therefore, our bonds have been linked with Nashik, Trimbak and Chandwad. I have a heartfelt relationship with Nashik district, expressed Dr Gorhe while recollecting memories.

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