Corona vaccine to be given to 24,000 health workers

Priority list prepared
Corona vaccine to be given to 24,000 health workers

Nashik: As per government programme regarding Corona vaccination, a total of 24,000 health workers in the district will get the vaccine first. A list of priority has been prepared by the health department. All the preparations for this have been completed. However, there will be no test in district like other district, informed the health department.

The Corona vaccination will be started from January after availability of the vaccine. The government has decided to give vaccine first to health workers from both government and private sectors. The vaccine will be given to all those medical officials and health workers working in government hospitals and those private hospitals treating Corona patients.

The vaccine will be given to those medical officials and health workers working in district civil hospital, Malegaon general hospital, hospital for women, five sub-district hospitals, 23 rural hospitals and 108 primary health centres in the district.

In addition, doctors and health workers in those private hospital which are treating the infected patients will also get the vaccine. In the first phase, vaccine will be given first to the officials and health workers working in the district civil hospital. The vaccine will be given a total of 18,000 officials and health workers.

Meanwhile, a training about storage, transport and distribution of the Corona vaccine had given recently to health workers. An arrangement of cold box has been made at each centre. In addition, there is arrangement of isolated van to transport the cold boxes at various places, informed the health department.

There are a total of large and small 213 iceline refrigerators and 201 deep freezers at various health centres of the health department in the district. Currently, a total of 20 lakh vaccines are kept in cold storage. There are over 24,000 cold boxes and vaccine carriers. The vaccine will be transported to rural parts of the district using these.

- Dr Ravi Choudhary, district vaccine coordinator

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