Cops save an elderly passenger

At Nashik Road Railway Station
Cops save an elderly passenger

NASHIK: Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel in Nashik city saved the life of an elderly passenger who slipped while trying to board a moving train. Riyaz Ahmad Sheikh (67) was trying to board Godan Express moving to Tilak Terminus, Mumbai, at Nashik Road station when he lost his balance and slipped into the platform gap.

As per detailed news, After Godan Express stopped at Nashik Road railway station while moving to Mumbai, Sheikh deboarded the train to get the water. As the train started to move within some moments, passengers rushed to catch the train. While Sheikh was boarding the train, he lost balance and slipped into the platform gap.

Other passengers then shouted to save him. After hearing the shout, the RPF personnel Imran Qureshi and Rakesh Shedmake, who were patrolling at the railway station, immediately rushed and pulled Sheikh out of the gap without caring for their lives. Sheikh sustained minor injuries in the incident. Following this, the train was stopped for some time. After some time, police seated Sheikh safely into the train, and it was then headed to Mumbai. The RPF police personnel were praised for their life-saving act.

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