Cop feeding stray dogs

Cop feeding stray dogs

NASHIK: After seeing the plight of stray dogs on the streets, the city police have started feeding the stray dogs. Everyone is distributing foodgrains and grocery to human beings, however, no one has attended to these poor animals. In such a situation, assistant police inspector Sushila Avhad, gym trainer Raj and Yash Avhad have become a saviour for these stray dogs.

They are feeding biscuits and other food to the stray dogs for the last 15 days at their own expenses. These animal lovers are visiting Pandav Leni, Phalke Smarak and Thakkar’s Bazaar every day to feed the stray dogs. Assistant police inspector Sushila Avhad who is working at Bhadrakali police station has pets at her home, she loves pets.

As Nashik Municipal Corporation is releasing stray dogs in the Pandav Leni area after their sterilisation, their number is higher in the area. Yash, Raj and their mother are visiting the area daily at 5 pm to feed these stray dogs. Sushila Avhad informed, “We are feeding these stray dogs with a view that if we fail to feed them, they would become hungry.

"The hungry stray dogs are waiting for us in Pandav Leni and other areas. After hearing the noise of our vehicle, they are rushing to us like pet animals. Though I am working in the police force, I am doing this via husband and children as I feel satisfaction as I have a mind of a mother.” - Sushila Avhad, Assistant Police Inspector, Bhadrakal

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