Cooperation will speed up Smart City work: More

Cooperation will speed up Smart City work: More

NASHIK: Sumant More, the newly elected Chief Executive Officer of Smart City, is confident that it will definitely succeed in realizing the dream of Nashikites with the cooperation and coordination of all. He expressed these sentiments while interacting with daily Deshdoot. In 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had created a dream project called Smart City, in which various cities in the country were selected. Nashik was not included in the first phase, but in 2016, Nashik was selected for a smart city. Nashikites were very happy about this.

However, in the last five years, there have been complaints that the citizens, as well as the corporators and office bearers in the Municipal Corporation, are not satisfied with the pace of work of this ambitious project. Against this backdrop, complaints were mounting against the then chief executive officer Prakash Thavil, who was also accused by some corporators of arbitrariness and had demanded his immediate dismissal. On July 2, 2021, Chief Secretary of the State and Chairman of Smart City Sitaram Kunte came to Nashik.

Members expressed their sentiments at the meeting in his presence, after which Thavil was replaced by Sumant More. Informing further, More said, the crisis has been raging for the past year and a half. This has slowed down the company’s operations. So there was a shortage of labour at the local level. The issues of contractors were also came to fore. As a result, some of the works was slowed down.

“The situation is gradually coming under control and we intend to build the expected smart city for Nashik residents soon,” More expressed hope. The central government has given them Rs 198 crore out of Rs 500 crore. Of this, Rs 143 crore has been spent so far. Similarly, out of Rs 250 cr allotted by the state government, Rs 96 crore has been received. NMC has given Rs 200 crore out of Rs 250 crore to Smart City Company.

This means that the money is available as the company is currently working and will be demanded when the money runs out. He also said that the Centre’s fund is taken first to spend. 23 projects including Smart Road in front of District Collector’s Office have been completed through Smart City and more than 20 projects are in progress at present.

At the general body meeting, Mayor Satish Kulkarni had instructed Smart City to refund Rs 100 crore out of Rs 200 crore given by the municipal corporation for development works in the city. The matter was discussed at the July 2 meeting of the board of directors of Smart City Company and a decision will be taken soon, he said.

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