Construction pit hampering citizens’ health

Construction pit hampering citizens’ health

NASHIK: About 80 feet long and 12 feet deep construction pit was dug for a building near Narayan Bapu Chowk of Jail Road one and a half years ago. However, the construction work hasn’t started yet. Due to the onset of rainy season, water has accumulated in this pit, thus providing a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Apart from mosquitoes, even moss and garbage are present on the accumulated water’s surface. Therefore, residents have complained about the pit’s condition stating its hampering citizens’ health.

They have claimed the surrounding areas are densely populated, and the pit’s condition will hamper everyone’s health. Even though the pit has a protective wall around it, the wall is in a dilapidated situation, and children and animals are at risk of falling into the pit. Due to the continuous croaking of frogs all night, many senior citizens are disturbed and aren’t able to sleep well, thus leading to the possibility of sleep disorders.

As the pit is adjacent to the road, pedestrians face several issues while passing through the area. The area could also possibly lead to major accidents at night. Residents even complained to the municipal corporation about a mosquito-breeding pit in their area and the possible danger it poses to everyone’s health.

Neither the public representatives nor the corporation took any strict action in this regard. Residents are angry as the so-called public servants are ignoring their plight.

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