Conservation of rare plants

PC: Nature Conservation Society of Nashik
PC: Nature Conservation Society of Nashik

NASHIK: To preserve the medicinal properties obtained rare plants, plantation and conservation of such plants was started under the ‘Initiative for Conservation of Extremely Rare Plants’ jointly by KVN Naik College and Parida Foundation. This project is carried out at the KVN Naik College Botanical Garden.

In this campaign, the principal of the college, Dr. Vasant Wagh, Head of Botany Department Dr. Hemant Shinde and others provided guidance on rare plants.

As it is important to preserve all the elements in the biodiversity chain, it is also important to preserve plant resources. If the important elements in this chain are maintained, the balance of the environment can be maintained in the best possible way. But studies by botanists and environmentalists over the past few years have shown that some medicinal plants are on the verge of extinction.

The use of these plants as medicinal properties is also well known in Ayurveda, but if those plants become extinct, it may be difficult to utilize them, that is why the initiative has been started. President of Parida Foundation Saurabh Zende and Vice President Akash Satpute planted rare plants like Sita, Ashok, Moh and Shivan.

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