Company will repair the damaged roads

Samruddhi Expressway
Company will repair the damaged roads

NASHIK: The roads around the village where the Samruddhi Highway is under construction are in bad condition. MLA Hiraman Khoskar raised the issue in the winter session of the State Assembly. He demanded that the working companies should be responsible for repairing the damaged roads.

These roads are being used in the construction of the Samruddhi Highway, and due to the continuous traffic of heavy vehicles, the roads are in devastating condition, informed MLA Khoskar. Public Works Minister Eknath Shinde gave satisfactory answers. As Khoskar raised an important issue before the House, the issue of roads in the villages along the Samruddhi Highway will be resolved.

The villages including Nandgaon Sado, Fangulgavhan, Borli, Bhavli in the taluka will be benefited. The villages including Talogh, Taloshi, Kanchangaon, Khairgaon, Shenwad, Khadakwadi, Deolale, Ubhade, Pimpalgaon Mor and villages in the eastern part like Dhamani, Dhamangaon, Belgaum Tarhale, Adsare, Taked, Kavaddara, Ninavi Bharveer have been affected, will also be benefited. citizens have expressed satisfaction over the news.

Company obligated to build roads

It is the responsibility of the concerned company, the contractor to construct the roads which will be used for the work of the Samruddhi Highway. This is mentioned in the agreement with the company concerned. It is legally and judicially binding on the concerned contractors to construct these roads, and it is not known whether these companies will construct these roads before the completion of Samruddhi works, Shinde answered the question.

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