Collectorate’s notice on tree plantation drive
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Collectorate’s notice on tree plantation drive

Nikheel Pardeshi

Collectorate warns to take action if data not submitted


Under the most ambitious project of the Maharashtra Forest Ministry to plant 33 crore trees in the state, the Nashik district planted around 1.91 crores of saplings. The government agencies were supposed to submit a detailed report about saplings planted and saplings that are living.

The district administration has sent notices twice to the government departments who have failed to submit the data. The final notices have been sent to the departments by the collectorate and have warned to take actions against the departments.

Surprisingly, the East Zone Forest division has failed to submit the data to collectorate. The district administration agriculture, forest, social forestation, public works, water conservation department and around 35 such departments took part in the initiative.

The departments all together planted 1.91 crore saplings in the district. Though the ministry had given concession in tree plantation drive and had suggested to complete only 75 per cent of the target, the district achieved the 100 per cent target.

After tree plantation drive the departments were supposed to submit a detailed report on the data of samplings which are actually living. December is almost over but only a few departments have submitted the report.

The collectorate has sent final notices to departments. The district administration has taken a strict stance and has said that action will be taken if no satisfactory answer is received.

Forest dept fail too

The highest targets given and achieved were by the Nashik East and West Forest Divisions, Social Forestation and Forest Corporation. Except for the West Forest Divisions, all others have failed to submit a report on living sampling plated by them. The departments were supposed to submit the report to collectorate. The report is then submitted to the ministry.

The departments were supposed to submit the report of the living samplings by October end. We have given the notices to the departments twice but no response was given by them. No, we have given them final notices with show cause.”

– Pallavi Nirmal, Deputy Collector