Collector warns sellers of nylon manja

Collector warns sellers of nylon manja

NASHIK: Many are ready to release the kite for Makar Sankranti. Different styles of kites are available in the market for sale. A large number of Nashik residents are flocking to get kites and manja. However, the use of nylon cats is banned in the district and the district administration is working hard to take action against the traders selling nylon manja. Many have had their throats slit due to the use of nylon manja. Many birds have also been killed by nylon manja.

Therefore, this dangerous manja has been banned. District Collector Suraj Mandhare has also said that traders who bring nylon manja for sale should not incur financial loss without any reason. From Ashok Stambh to Raviwar Karanja, several kite shops have been started in the Main Road area. It is seen that people are flocking at the road to buy kites of different styles. On average, the manja prices have gone up by 20 to 30 per cent this year.

"Nylon manja is widely used illegally during Sankranti. But it has been banned for the last many years. Relevant departments will take action, but citizens should stay away from it for their safety. Since stocks can be confiscated at any time, shopkeepers should not incur a financial loss by stocking them"- Suraj Mandhare, Collector, Nashik

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