Cold Wave gripping Nashik District, Niphad at 2.4
Deshdoot Times

Cold Wave gripping Nashik District, Niphad at 2.4

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik @ 6 degree Celsius

Nashik: The Nashik district experienced severe cold on Friday. The Nashik City temperature was dropped to 6 degree Celsius seasons lowest of the season. On Thursday the lowest temperature was recorded at 9.8 degree Celsius, but on Friday it further dropped by three degrees.

In the last two-three days the temperature in Nashik has dropped by about 8 degree Celsius. On January 15 the lowest was recorded at 13.4 degrees, on January 16 it dropped to 9.8 degree Celsius, but on January 17 it was dropped to 6 degree Celsius.

An official from Indian Meteriology Department informed Deshdoot Times, “The temperature has not dropped suddenly in the district. The temperature was high and humid in the region due to cloud formation and precipitation in various parts of the state which caused a rise in temperature. Now, as there is no as such factor acting in the weather the temperature is expected to stay low in Nashik.”

The Principal Scientist of National Research Centre for Grapes (NRCG), RG Somkumar said, “The falling temperature in Nashik District is really a cause of concern. The grape crop is definitely to get hit by the cold wave.

The disease like Powdery Mildew, effect on berry size and pink berry syndrome are likely to develop in vineyards of Nashik. This will hit the yield of grapes.”   The Nashikites, on the other hand, are enjoying the cold.

Especially the youngsters are making bonfires every night to deal with the cold and are enjoying tea and other hot beverages. The bonfire is also becoming a place of debate for many of them. The college students are flaunting their winter wears in the chilling cold.

In the next five days there is possibility of dry weather with maximum temperature staying in between 24-26 Degree Celsius and minimum temperature at 10-13 Degree Celsius.