Classes 8-12 may shift offline

Offline classes from 1st August in Covid-19 free villages
Classes 8-12 may shift offline

NASHIK: The Classes VIIIth to XIIth may soon be started in Covid-19 free villages in the rural areas of Nashik district. All schools and junior colleges are likely to be started from August 1, 2021. After the second wave of Covid-19 subsided, the education department has ordered to start schools from Classes VIIIth to XIIth in the first phase.

Krantiveer N V Naik education society had sought permission to start a school in Nirhale village. This decision of the government will pave the way for the start of schools in rural areas. It has been made mandatory for teachers to seek the permission of villagers before starting schools and junior colleges in Covid-19 free villages.

There are a total of 1324 secondary schools and about 250 junior colleges in the district. Also, as per the order of the government, the school has to be disinfected. Teachers are required to test for Covid19. Students have to follow a physical distance. As this is the first phase, the order does not mention urban schools.

Therefore, only schools and junior colleges in rural areas are likely to be started. The education officer (education) will inform the schools about this and reports will be sought from those schools which can be possibly started. It is expected that the process will take 15 days. Therefore, it is expected that all the schools and junior colleges in the district will start from August 1.

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