Class IX, XI : Schools to conduct exams for failed students
Re examClass IX, XI : Schools to conduct exams for failed students

Class IX, XI : Schools to conduct exams for failed students

New order from dept of education


Re-examination of those students who failed in Class IX and XI will be held soon. The education department has recently issued an order in this regard.

Another opportunity will be made available for students with a view that their academic year should not be wasted.

A decision has been announced to conduct the oral examination of these unsuccessful students by August 7th, 2020 by calling them in person at the school or by video conference.

After this, the education department has given instructions to the successful students to get admission in this year's Class Xth and XIIth.

Other students will be called to the school till August 7th, 2020 or oral examination will be conducted via video conference.

It was decided by the education department that the students of IXth and XIth classes should pass this year on the basis of the average of the marks of the session.

However, even in this, many students of Class XIth and IXth failed this year. In addition, it was decided to cancel the re-examination to be held in 2020 on the background of Corona this year. Many parents and teachers' unions had objected to this and requested to send the students to Class XIth and XIIth.

On the one hand, there is no decision from the education department regarding the re-examination and on the other hand, the demand of parents and teachers' associations to pass the students had created a big problem for the educational institutions.

Considering all these circumstances and keeping in view that the academic year of the students should not be wasted, the education department has instructed the schools to conduct the oral examination of the students.

Some parents have even started an online agitation to decide on the failing students of Class IXth and XIth. Governments are struggling to get graduate students to pass.

Students up to Class VIIIth are admitted to the next class. So what's wrong with ninth and eleventh graders, why judge them differently? This question was asked by Shivnath Darade, the functionary of the State Teachers' Council, and he followed this agitation.

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