Civilisation and culture is the strength of India: Lt Col (R) Sinha

Deshdoot Gunvant Gaurav Award
Civilisation and culture is the strength of India: Lt Col (R) Sinha

NASHIK: India has a rich heritage of civilisation, chivalry and culture. The ancestors of India were great warriors. They fought for the protection of human values, religion and culture. There is no culture like India in the world. Civilization and culture are the real strength of India, Lt Col (Retd) Manoj Kumar Sinha praised Indian culture.

On the occasion of the 53rd anniversary of the daily ‘Deshdoot’, the ‘Deshdoot Gunvant Gaurav Award’ ceremony was held in a grand manner at Parashuram Saykhedkar Natyagrih here yesterday evening.

Senior actor Shivaji Satam, President of ‘Deshdoot’ group of publication Vikram Sarda and Executive Editor Dr. Vaishali Balajiwale were present on the dais as chief guests.

Veteran actor Shivaji Satam while congratulating Gunvant heaped praises on the social commitment of Deshdoot stating that this Vatvriksha is blooming forever. Satam said that he learned a lot from such great people felicitated by Deshdoot.

Before reciting his poem about two wars -- Ek Ladai Khatam Hui...Dusri Shuru Hui. Ladai Vo Bhi Thi Mushkil...Yeh Thodi Jyada Hai.., Lt Col (Retd) Manoj Kumar Sinha in his fiery speech recollected great contributions of Devkisanji Sarda in reaching out to society through the medium of Deshdoot. “The introduction of the Deshdoot family is in its character of strengthening human values,” he said adding that Deshdoot has done a remarkable job in identifying and honouring the unsung heroes in society.

“The history is changing its page and writing a new chapter,” he said while making an open appeal to the next generation. He came down heavily on the false narratives being set in the society and cautioned people, especially the youth to follow Dharm and Rajniti which is a glorious gift given by our ancestors to us. “Dharm and Rajniti which in today’s context are wrongly interpreted are actually inherited to us by our ancestors. The youth should bring these precious gifts back to life for the well-being of the whole world. Humanity can live peacefully with the application of these great values,” Sinha said.

Emphasizing our glorious Sabhyata, Sanskriti and human values, Sinha said that even today our human values ​​are not diminished as it is a treasure given by our great ancestors, Gurus and seers who were great warriors.

Lt Col (R) Sinha further said, “India is Sun and rest of the world is synonymous to incense stick.” Speaking about the ancient warriors, he said that among the warriors 25 were women and 33 warriors were alone from Maharashtra.

The ‘Deshdoot Gunwant Gaurav’ Award ceremony has been receiving a spontaneous response from Nashikites for years.

Yesterday’s programme was a recognition of love, affection and faith expressed in Deshdoot by attending in large numbers.

Initially, Dr. Vaishali Balajiwale introduced the audience to the glorious journey of ‘Deshdoot’. Vikram Sarda welcomed and honoured the chief guests Manoj Kumar Sinha and Shivaji Satam with shawl-shriphal and by presenting their portraits painted by the young painter Kharote.After that, Gunwant Gaurav ceremony selection committee member entrepreneur Hemant Rathi and senior journalist Suresh Bhatevara were felicitated by the chief guests. Hemant Rathi expressed his thoughts on behalf of the selection committee members.

Vishwajit More expressed his feelings on behalf of the awardees. 17 Gunvant from various fields of the district were felicitated with mementoes and certificates by the chief guests. Senior Director of ‘Deshdoot’ Rameshwar Sarda, Managing Director Janak Sarda, Prashant Sathe, Commissioner of Police Jayant Naiknavare, Adv Nandkishore Bhutada, Ar. Sanjay Patil, DJ Hanswani, JJ Pawar, General Secretary MVP Nitin Thakre and Special Inspector General of Police B G Shekhar were present. Chinmay Khedekar anchored the programme. Sunil Thakur, Personnel Manager of ‘Deshdoot’ proposed the vote of thanks.

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