Civic Sense : NMC spreading awareness about waste management
Deshdoot Times

Civic Sense : NMC spreading awareness about waste management

Gaurav Pardeshi


The campaigning on civic sense has been started by the Deshdoot Media from the very first day of the year. With an initiative to spread awareness about Civic Sense and on the various subject related to that including habits like spitting in public, waste management, unacceptable behaviour in public, social behaviour, traffic rules, plastic use awareness, food wastage, pollution and many other issues related to it.

The awareness is being created through the print digital news stories, interactive sessions as well as organizing various events. The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) is also taking a step to spread awareness about waste management in the flower festival, ‘Pushpotsav-2020’. The volunteers of the corporation are explaining a simple process of making homemade organic fertilizer with household waste.

The volunteers explained the process of creating fertilizer using vegetable waste, tea powder waste, the skin of fruits and vegetables, spoiled food or the remaining food.  A person only needs a small bucket, mosquito net, glue and organic bio culture. The bucket should be covered with mosquito net and glued from inside. The daily household solid waste should be collected and should be cleaned with water and dried.

In a bucket, a layer of bio culture should be spread and after that, the waste should be put in n that waste another layer of bio culture should be spread. The bio culture and waste should be well mixed. It will need a very thin layer of the bio culture which is easily available in the market.

The fertilizer will take shape within two months of the process. It is very important to stir the mixture every day to give it air. The corporation has requested each and every Nashikites the practice the same and household waste management should be done.

The initiative is been volunteered by Swati Kulkarni, a proud Nashikite. She practices the same method at her home. She told that this fertilizer can be used for any type of tree and results are very good with this homemade organic fertilizer.