City roads to soon become pothole-free

NMC sets one month’s deadline
City roads to soon become pothole-free

NASHIK: For the last two months, there has been continuous rain in the Nashik city area, but since the rain has stopped over the past few days, the municipal administration has accelerated the work of filling potholes in the city. On the other hand, road asphalting work is also taking place at full speed.

Meanwhile, Municipal Commissioner/Administrator Dr Chandrakant Pulkundwar has ordered that the construction department should check the quality of the work and fix the potholes in Nashik city within one month.

As part of the work, the pits in the Tirupati Town square in the west division have been filled and paved with asphalt. Asphalting patchwork is being done on Sharanpur Road in Hotel Patang Chowk near Pandit Colony.

Potholes have also been filled with WBM material at Shaheed Circle on Gangapur Road. Patchwork was done by filling potholes with the help of BM material at Dutt Mandir Chowk on Pune Highway in the Nashik Road division. Deolali Camp and Lam Road in the same division, potholes have also been filled with concrete material.

Potholes were filled in Ward No. 30 on Wadala-Pathardi Road, Kala Nagar, Samarth Sweet Road and Pandav Nagar. Ward No. 31 Samarth Nagar, as well as Ward No. 24 Lekhanagar Rangada to old State Bank Road in the New Nashik division, have been filled with potholes.

At Kinara Hotel Road, Nasardi river, Ward No. 15, roadside work was carried out with GSB material by removing silt. Further, potholes have been filled in Tapovan Road, old Saikheda Road, Vijay-Mamta to Takli in Ward No. 16. Further potholes on Peth Road RTO Corner to Rau Hotel road in Ward No. 6 have been filled with BBM material.

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