City feels the winter chill

City feels the winter chill


Winter seems to be setting in early this year in Nashik with temperatures continuing to drop in the evenings. Saturday recorded a minimum temperature of 13.6 degrees celsius, 1.7 degrees below the Friday’s night temperature of 15.3 degrees. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) officials said temperatures would continue to dip for the next few days as well. The city temperaturee is hovering aroun 14 degrees Celsius for the last five days.

Yesterday, the chill increased with the temperature dropping by a degree to 13.6 degrees.

Normally, December, January and February are considered winter months, but this year temperatures have begun to dip in October itself. The chill factor has increased, said IMD sources. Shop owners selling winter clothes are not complaining. In the past two to three days, we have seen brisk sale for sweat shirts and woollens because of the chill, said a shop owner. Lower temperatures are good news for the wheat crop during rabi, agriculture officials said.

One reason why the city has skipped the October heat, altogether, jumping from monsoons to winter is because of late rains in October. After the monsoons,the city normally registers an increase in temperatures as the clouds recede. This type of high temperature was not felt this year,IMD officials said.

According to IMD, the South-West Monsoon has made a complete withdrawal from cities like Nashik, Pune and Mumbai.

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