Citizens raise concerns over inflated electricity bills
Deshdoot Times

Citizens raise concerns over inflated electricity bills

Nikhil Pardeshi

Nashik: All the citizens have received electricity bill which includes a sum total of the past three months. Many of them have complained about additional charges applied in their bill. When Deshdoot Times talked to some citizens, they raised their concerns over the inflated electricity bills.

As it is I am not earning enough due to lockdown. On top of that, I was charged Rs.2,450 as electricity bill for three months. Usually, per month's bill is around Rs.300 to Rs.400. I understand that we all have spent a lot of time in our home but they're charging us double the normal amount. I haven't paid the bill until now. I am going to complain in the concerned office about it

- Laxman Mahajan

I was charged Rs.4,500 as electricity bill for three months. There’s no AC in my house, and there are only five members in our family. I complained about it in the office, and they reduced the bill after some procedure. There's no way I would have paid Rs.4,500 for three months. It not even near the amount I pay usually.

- Rajesh Dalwani

I was charged Rs 3,000 for three months, and I personally feel that the bill wasn't hampered. There are four members in the family, and we use fans for the whole day. We even used to switch on AC during the night for two consecutive months. Apart from that, we have a vehicle that needs to be charged. So I think that the bill was fair.

- Jaya Sachdev

I personally know that we aren't charging extra to our citizens. During the lockdown, the government had asked us not to take meter readings of April, May and June. So we generated a bill for each family with an average of January, February, and March. If you realise, January and February are winter months. As a result, the bill should have supposedly come less. When we finally took the readings in June, we divided the bill into three slabs (months), and sent the bills across. When we found the exact readings, we even did minus the average bill's amount that we generated initially. Looking at the current situation, Energy Minister has even passed the rule that the bill can be paid in pre-installment. People who will pay the whole bill at once will get 2% discount too.
- Sandeep Chavan, assistant engineer, MSEDCL Deolali Camp
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