Citizens purchasing saplings

Preferring tree plantation in rainy season
Citizens purchasing saplings

NASHIK: Realizing the importance of oxygen during the Covid-19 period, citizens are preferring to plant saplings. As a result, the demand for flower trees, fruit trees and ornamental trees has increased. With the onset of rains, many citizens plant a variety of trees in their backyards. As people have become aware of the importance of tree planting, a large number of outdoor and indoor plants are being purchased from the nurseries by various tree lovers.

For the last one and a half years, senior citizens and housewives are buying seedlings from the nurseries. Nursery owner Tushar Hiray informed that there is a demand for the most expensive banyan tree sapling (Rs 250) to Gulmohar tree sapling (Rs. 25). There is a tendency to plant more trees during this period. Another nursery owner Sharad Adke said that flower seedlings are also being purchased as farmers are now taking the initiative to cultivate flowers as a cash crop given the upcoming festive season.

"With the onset of the monsoon, citizens are buying various saplings to plant them in the campus of the house." - Chetan Godse, nursery owner

"Since everyone in the house loves trees, we are visiting the nursery to buy different types of saplings." - Bhanudas Sandhanshiv, customer

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