Citizens hope for solution soon

Fuel shortage
Citizens hope for solution soon

NASHIK: Nashikites on Wednesday had to face difficulty in procuring fuel in the city as the petrol and diesel were not available at many outlets. According to details of the petroleum product outlets within the city limits, there was a shortage of petrol and diesel at more than 60 per cent outlets.

The shortage of fuel was seen due to restricted fuel supply by the oil marketing companies. Many took to social media and complaint of shortage of fuel as well.

At a time when some parts of the district are staring at water scarcity, the shortage of fuel has added to the woes of the citizens. The vehicle owners are resorting to full their fuel tank citing fear of shortage of fuel.

On Wednesday, more than 60 per cent of the petrol pump outlets in the district, including the city, had run out of petrol and diesel. There were long queues witnessed where fuel was available.

In Nashik district, it is time for petrol pump operators to keep petrol pumps closed for the last four days due to lack of petrol and diesel. Vendors say fuel shortages have been caused due to petroleum companies closing its credit policy for petrol pump operators. The petroleum companies are now seeking advance payment from the operators before delivering fuel.

Earlier, petroleum companies used to charge money after fuel tankers ran out at petrol pumps. The same thing seems to be a problem for the outlets.

Fuel is being supplied only to those pump operators who deposit in advance. So we see some outlets open with long queues while some flashing no petrol board. Therefore, Nashikites are facing fuel shortage.

It is understood that petroleum companies are losing Rs 20-25 per liter on petrol and diesel after the Centre cut fuel taxes. As a result, some petrol pumps in the city and district are now dry as companies have stopped supplying fuel to those petrol pumps who fail to pay in advance. Until a settlement is reached on the issue of cash payment, the crisis is going to continue till then.

Those who have to pay Rs 110 per day for petrol have no choice but to resort to city buses. Students, milk, newspaper vendors, farmers in rural areas are facing a big problem due to the current crisis.

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