Citizens demand a pilot project for traffic regulation

Citizens demand a pilot project for traffic regulation

NASHIK: Devotees from all over India visit Panchavati with great devotion, but they face traffic jams while entering the area. Motorists coming from Malegaon, Dhule, and Jalgaon areas have to literally face hardships near Adgaon Naka Katya Maruti. A heavy rush of vehicles coming from Hirawadi, Nimani, and Ganesh Wadi are seen at this place.

There are traffic police here in the evening. But mostly instead of controlling traffic, they are busy fining drivers without helmets and seatbelts. So the drivers themselves have to find smooth access for their vehicles.

Many Citilinc buses are released from the Nimani bus depot which also added to traffic congestion. On this stretch, there are many clinics, offices, and shops in the commercial complex in front of Nimani, so thousands of vehicles are parked there.

Many hawkers set up their shops on the road, making driving difficult. Even Dindori Naka is not spared from this traffic mess. The road is always congested mostly with private vehicles carrying passengers. Even incidences of verbal clashes occur sometimes.

The road from Panchavati Karanja to Ravivar Karanja is so wide that three cars can pass on one side at a time, however, the gala owners have put up boards with the names of their shops on the road which is an encroachment.

At that place, as fruit sellers park their handcarts on the roadside, motorists also wonder where to park their vehicles. Is the encroachment department sleeping if traffic is being obstructed even though there are such wide roads? Citizens are seen asking such questions.

Many times Citilinc bus takes about forty to fifty minutes to cover the distance of three to four kilometres from CBS to Nimani. In the Ramkund locality, citizens who come for Dashakriya rituals in the morning are also seen facing a big problem of vehicle parking.

Adgaon Naka, Nimani bus stand, Panchavati Karanja, Malegaon Stand, & Ramkund locality. Citizens feel that if the traffic department implements the traffic control pilot project, then the traffic problem in Panchavati will be solved for sure.

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