Citilinc promises more comfortable journey

3 new routes, increase in bus trips
Citilinc promises more comfortable journey

NASHIK: Considering the increasing number of passengers and demand, Nashik Mahanagar Transport Mahamandal Ltd (Citilinc) has made the journey of Nashikites more comfortable and time-saving. Citilinc has opened up three new routes and also increased bus trips for the convenience of passengers. It has appealed to a maximum number of passengers to take advantage of these buses.

The Routes

Route No. 134: New CBS to Konark Nagar (Sanklecha society) via Nimani, Amritdham. - This new route has been started and a total of 20 bus trips have been planned on this route from 6.10 am to 20.45 pm.

Route No. 135: New CBS to Parksyde via Amritdham, BD Kamgar Nagar - This is also a new route and a total of 18 trips are being arranged on this route from 6.10 am to 7.50 pm.

Route No. 147: New CBS to Mohadi via Mhasrul, Varwandi, Shivnai, Ambe. Two buses have been made available on this new route and a total of 16 trips are being planned through these buses from 5.30 am to 6.35 pm.

Route No. 128: Nimani to Chunchale village via Trimurti Chowk, Kamatwade. The number of new four buses has been increased on the marked route and due to this, now a total of 8 buses will be operating on the said route, including the previous 4 and the new 4. As the number of buses and alternatively the number of bus trips have been increased, now bus trips will be available every 15 minutes on the said route.

Route No. 201: Nashik Road to Bardan Phata via Dwarka, Civil, Satpur, Ashok Nagar. Bus frequency on this route has been increased and now buses are available every 15 minutes instead of half an hour earlier.

Route No. 203: Nashik Road to Symbiosis College via CBS, Pawan Nagar, Uttam Nagar. The number of bus trips on this route has also been increased and instead of earlier half an hour, bus trips have now been made available every 15 minutes.

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