Citilinc office to open for public viewing

Initiative to start on June 4
Citilinc office to open for public viewing

NASHIK: Municipal Corporation has provided bus service for Nashikites through Transport Corporation’s Citilinc. Along with comfortable, safe travel, Citilinc is also providing up-to-date services to its passengers. Now, with one click, Citilinc has made it possible for passengers to get all the information like booking tickets, issuing passes online, updating passes, viewing travel routes on the mobile app, when the bus will arrive, where it will go and also live location of the bus.

As passengers are also curious about how Citilinc operates. Now as per the order of Nashik Municipal Corporation Administrator and Chairman and Managing Director of Citilinc Ramesh Pawar, CitIlinc will provide a facility for passengers to visit their control room every Saturday and get information about its operations. Nashikites will be able to know how the buses operate, how Citilinc controls its bus service, which stops buses, what time the buses started their run when the bus stops, and how the GPS works.

This activity will be implemented every Saturday from 11 am to 12 noon. So, only 10 people at a time will be able to take advantage of this initiative. For this, the interested traveller can fix the date of appointment within 10 to 6 working hours. Citilinc announced that this unique initiative will be launched on Saturday June 4, 2022.

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