Chirping grows louder in bird sanctuary

Chirping grows louder in bird sanctuary


A whopping 9,103 birds were sighted so far at Nandurmadhyameshwr bird sanctuary this winter. Their number which has witnessed a healthy rise despite late arrival due to the prolonged rain has pleased the naturalists and wildlife officials.

“9,103 birds of various species have been observed in the second monthly bird census of the season at Nandurmadhyameshwar Bird Sanctuary,” the officials stated.

The census was completed with the help of forest officers, staff, local guides, bird lovers, wildlife experts, and volunteers at the bird sanctuary.

In this, birds were observed at a total of seven places such as Chapadgaon, Manjargaon, Khangawathadi, Godavari riverbed, Kothure, Kurudgaon, and Kathargaon. It includes 6,105 waterfowl birds besides 2,198 tree-dwelling and grassland birds. Thus a total of 9,103 birds have been recorded.

Apart from this, exotic migratory birds recorded in this census include Common Crane, Northern Shoveler, Pintail, Gangno, Eurasian, Vision, Gadwal, Ruddy Shell Duck, Marsh Harrier, Montague Harrier, Blue Brood, Blue Chick, Bee Eater. Also, local migratory birds such as open-billed heron, purple heron, rakhi heron, spot-billed duck, bill, river ton, lotus bird, Shekatya, purple water hen, Nadisuray etc. have been observed.

Meanwhile due to prolonged monsoons and the late arrival of winter, the arrival of migratory birds has been delayed.

Earlier, an Asian blue cheeked green bee-eater commonly known locally as ‘Veda Raghu’, was seen in the sanctuary a few days back, for the first time here.

The bird sighting was recorded by bird watcher and president of Nature Club of Nashik, Prof. Anand Bora. Nandurmadhyameshwar Bird Sanctuary comemorated in 1911 at Khangaon Thadi in Niphad Taluka, is also a Ramsar site. The sanctuary is home to many wetland birds and during winters hosts many species of migratory birds. More than 265 species of birds can be seen at Nandurmadhyameshwar presently.

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