Chilling grip continues....

Chilling grip continues....

NASHIK: On Wednesday, Nashik reported the lowest night temperature at 10.3 degrees Celsius. As per India Meteorological Department (IMD), the minimum temperature is likely to fall further bringing cooler winds to the city. There has been a gradual fall in minimum temperature across Maharashtra.

On Monday, Nashik reported to be the coolest place in Maharashtra at 7.3 degrees Celsius with Mahabaleshwar reported being the second coolest with a minimum temperature at 10.2 degrees Celsius. Pune was the third coolest in the state. The cold condition is still prevailing in the district including Nashik city.

Godavari was enveloped in a blanket of dense fog yesterday. The minimum temperature in Niphad and Nashik was recorded at 10 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. Yesterday morning in Niphad, the temperature was dropped again and the mercury settled at 8.9 degrees. Nashik also recorded a low of 10.3 degrees Celsius. Even though the temperature in the city was higher than yesterday, it was cold yesterday.

As cloudy skies have not been seen since morning, the farmers’ crops may also be affected by the weather, which has increased the fear of crop damage. While the cold wave has been prevailing in Nashik since last night, it has been seen that the citizens have resorted to bonfires in various places in the city to protect themselves from the chilling cold.

Earlier, severe cold waves swept parts of Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh as well, with temperatures sinking below zero in several areas. High winds at up to 15kmph for the past few days had added to the chill across India’s northwestern plains and Maharashtra in the past three days.

Light to moderate intensity rain accompanied by lightning and hail is forecast over Vidarbha. Cold wave conditions are likely to return over the plains of northwest and parts of north India later this week, the meteorological department said. In the meantime, Anupam Kashyapi, the head of the weather forecasting division of IMD, Pune, said that rainfall was good for the crops, but the falling temperature was not good - particularly for the grapes.

At present, the vineyards are getting ready for harvest. If the temperature drops below 6 degrees celsius, the growth of fruits may be affected and they may get cracked, opined an agricultural expert from the Maharashtra Rajya Draksha Bagayatdar Sangh, an association of grape growers. It is understood that the grape farmers are taking measures like giving water to vineyards through the drip method in the wee hours to maintain the temperature. Some farmers are also following the old traditional method of creating bonfires in the vineyards.


  • Jan 08: Min 15.6, Max 25.1

  • Jan 09: Min 14.9, Max 24.3

  • Jan 10: Min 7.3, Max 26.3

  • Jan 11: Min 10, Max 26.3

  • Jan 12: Min 10.3, Max 24.4

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