Chain snatched in broad daylight

Chain snatched in broad daylight

NASHIK: The recent chain-snatching incident at Gajalakshmi Row House, Om Colony, New Nashik (CIDCO), has gained everyone’s attention. The theft has been captured in the colony’s CCTV footage and left everyone stunned.

The thieves were riding a bike in front of row houses and stopped near the victim Poonam Darekar (age 60) house. The victim was sitting on a bed outside her house around 11:30 a.m. when the duo arrived.

They asked her to come near the gate in the name of asking for the address. One of them got off the bike to talk, and as the distance between the thieves and the victim reduced, the thief snatched the victim’s Mangalsutra worth five pounds and fled the scene.

Upon receiving the information, the Ambad Police Station team, inclusive of Senior Police Inspector Bhagirath Deshmukh, Assistant Police Inspector Ganesh Shinde, and others, rushed to the spot, saw the CCTV footage, and sealed the area consequently. The Ambad police is conducting further investigation in this regard.

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